Wiha BiCut® high-performance diagonal cutter - Double the power at the touch of a button

Increases your efficiency: Two pliers in one - 200 % power at the touch of a button, available at any time.

Protects your health: Requires less force and reduces pressure on the wrists.

Reduces your costs: Durable thanks to high-quality, chrome-plated pliers surface to prevent corrosion.

Heavy-duty diagonal cutters, lever diagonal cutters, compact bolt cutters or special diagonal cutters — often separate cutting tools for a range of different tasks have to be carried in the toolbox.

With the BiCut®, Wiha offers reversible heavy-duty diagonal cutters, which can be used extremely flexibly for a huge range of requirements. When the standard capacity of heavy-duty diagonal cutters isn't enough, it can even be doubled at the simple press of a button. The patent-pending design which converts the heavy-duty diagonal cutters in high-performance diagonal cutters, is the reason why. Furthermore, this function is suitable not only for cutting extremely hard materials.

Users who carry out normal cutting work for a longer period also benefit from the double cutting force as they also have to apply 50 percent less force with the hand accordingly. The user can save energy during work and the strain on the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the hand is reduced. The backs of the handles are also designed to be extra wide and the soft and hard zones on the handles are ideally tailored to the human hand in order to make comfortable, pain-free working a reality.

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