The ergonomic Wiha Inomic ® handle concept

Our Inomic® handle size concept, with its AGR seal of approval, allows users to work for longer periods whilst sparing the muscles and saving energy.

What makes our Wiha Inomic® so ergonomic?
Its special feature is the parallel movement of the pliers arms. It enables the user to take hold over the entire arm opening area with all 5 fingers simultaneously. The resultant comfortable hand and arm position means that more force can be applied more easily.

Comparison: application of force with Inomic® pliers and conventional pliers (according to bullinger)

In the case of the Inomic® pliers the hand closing force is distributed evenly over the intermediate phalanxes (70%), whilst in the case of the conventional pliers the force transmission is varied.
For example, on the conventional pliers the force of the little finger is only transmitted via the distal phalanx (only 15% application of force).

Working with the Inomic® pliers is notably more comfortable due to the clear increase in the transmission of force over the entire range of movement.

When it comes to ergonomics, our Inomic® excels in multiple respects. Thanks to its special angled shape, it forms a natural extension of the hand/arm system which prevents the wrist from buckling, as it does with a conventional straight pliers shape. (see figure). This positioning and the notably light weight spare the user’s joints, tendons and muscles, and thus make for healthier and fatigue-free working. The pliers handle, with its ergonomic soft plastic zone, is ideally adapted to the ergonomics of the hand, providing the user with additional help for pain-free and comfortable work. “More force, less pain”, Wiha’s formula for you, the user.

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